Ski Haus Classic XC Race -

Ski Haus Classic XC Race

Ski Haus XC Classic Nordic RaceSTRIDING!

– The Ski Haus Classic XC Nordic Ski Race was perfect. We enjoyed perfect temperatures. A perfect track. Perfect weather. And perfect competition for both the hardcore racer and neighborly wager… Ski Haus offered 2K, 5K, 8K, and 15K courses. All kids 12 years old and younger raced for free and everyone received a race t-shirt for coming out to play.

Ski Haus Nordic XC Classic Ski RaceSki Haus XC Classic Nordic RaceSki Racer at the Ski Haus Classic RaceRacing at the Ski Haus Classic XC Noridc RaceMe and Kevin McGarity set the course starting around 7 am. We figure it was a balmy -8F. Perfect for kick wax and glide in the set tracks. Ok, maybe a bit chilly. Once we set out with the course markers it didn’t take long for both of us to be frosted over around our faces, head, and shoulders. COLD!

Start time was set for 10 am and the temperatures did moderate. The sun topped Mount Baldy to the east and just feeling the sunshine lifted everyone’s spirits. The race day was going to be ideal! We couldn’t have asked for better conditions! I haven’t looked at the final number of participants but I think we were close to 100, an all time high. We ran out of registration forms, bibs, and t-shirts. Registration forms were created on blank notepapter as well as bib numbers and extra t-shirts were ordered the Monday after the race for those who didn’t get one… We were very pleased with the turnout (especially considering this is a Classic technique only format!).

The winning time on the 15k was 41:35 and the winning time for the 2K was 6:14. And there was all kinds of times posted for the remaining racers. About the only thing we could count on at the very end was how good everyone felt for having come out – raced – or skied for fun. Thanks for playing everyone and see you next year!

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