Short, Wide, and Tapered is the New Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Short, Wide, and Tapered is the New Tall, Dark, and Handsome

By November 2, 2016Featured, Snowboards

Burton, Jones, K2 Snowboards.

2017 Snowboard Designs Borrow from the Past to Make the Future Look Bright!

The Jones Storm Chaser, K2 Cool Bean, and Burton Skipjack are prime examples of how modern powder boards are mastering concepts first tested more than 30 years ago. The earliest snowboards were designed for “surfing” in soft snow. It wasn’t until snowboards were finally allowed on chairlifts at ski resorts that they were adapted to ride on firm snow. To increase float, early designs incorporated a setback stance, a tapered shape, and a swallowtail. The modern boards highlighted here have revisited that concept and taken it places we never thought possible.

Jeremy Jones has continued his design partnership with legendary surfboard shaper, Chris Christenson and updated their collaboration project called the Storm Chaser. Blending both snowboard and surfboard tech, Jeremy and Chris have developed an explosively fast powder rocket that packs insane float into a nimble, short board. New for 2017, the Storm Chaser benefits from the hydro dynamics of Spoon Technology. This 3D base contour consists of a bevel at the contact points to reduce friction and enhance glide, float, and flow. The demand for the Storm Chaser last year prompted Jones to offer it in a Splitboard as well this season.

The K2 Cool Bean is a super short, super wide board with a swallowtail… so naturally we thought pow board. But we would have missed out big-time if we had labeled this board based on looks alone. The amount of fun we had riding the “Bean” on groomers blew us away. The 144 cm will float a rider weighing up to 210 pounds and features a shift in volume that makes it ride ridiculously well even when soft snow is nowhere to be found. The Cool Bean is capable of trenching lines like you’d expect from a board that looks very different… and that’s half the fun, seeing the reaction you get from people watching you carve turns on a tiny swallowtail. Long story short, you can legitimately ride this board as your daily-driver, regardless of conditions.

The Burton Skipjack is noticeably different than your run-of-the-mill snowboard in several ways: First, its shape is reminiscent of the early Burton Backhill, one of the most memorable predecessors to the modern snowboard. Second, it clearly features a traction mat or “surf pad” as Burton calls it, for riding the big white wave without bindings. Third, it features the Channel so you can mount your choice of bindings and hit the chairlift after a fresh helping of Steamboat’s famous Champagne Powder. And that’s just what you see on the surface. What you don’t necessarily notice from the outside is that the Skipjack may be built for endless fun, but it’s no kid’s toy… this is a legit snowboard engineered with some of Burton’s top-shelf tech. Everything from the Flat Top bend profile to the Filet-O-Flex and the Sintered WFO base were designed to perform!

Short, wide, and tapered is the new tall, dark, and handsome… Find your connection at the ‘Haus!

Jones Storm Chaser ($599)

K2 Cool Bean ($499)

Burton Skipjack ($549)

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