Scarpa Zanskar GTX Hiking Boots

Scarpa Zanskar GTX Hiking Boots

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Scarpa ZanskarHome, Trail, Backpacking

– The Scarpa Zanskar GTX Hiking boots are perfect for around home, trail, backpacking, or hefting the chainsaw around the hacienda.

Scarpa Zanskar bootFor many of us there is a real need for a full leather boot in our footwear arsenal. For sure, there is a current “light is right” momentum when it comes to day hiking and trail running. Even on certain backpack trips – on the right kind of trail carrying the right amount of weight – a light shoe will get the job done. But as soon as you add some weight (food) in your backpack so you can stay out longer, plus nasty moveable talus and house sized boulders, and throw in some mud for good measure nothing beats a leather boot. And nothing beats the Scarpa Zanskar.

Herman MunsterThe Scarpa Zanskar fills the niche between a lightweight hiking shoe and a burley beef-honker boot. The Zanskar is not too heavy and it’s not too light. The boot is light enough that you won’t feel like Herman Munster clunkin’ his way on an afternoon “blitz” trip. It also has enough muscle built into it that you’re feet will be happy above and beyond tree line. Cancel all my meetings, I’m not in cell range, and maybe I’ll be back in eight or nine days give or take six or seven…

Here are some of the Zanskar details:

Bi-directional ankle flex: This is the small slash of webbing the lace runs through three from the top. This really helps set your heel and ankle in the boot and helps keep your foot in place whether you’re skiing scree or rock hopping a deep creek.

Micro Pulley Hardware: I love this stuff. The bottom two pairs of lacing hardware have pulleys to help the lace slide through with little to no resistance. They’re even hinged so if you tend to pull up and out while lacing your boots the hardware follows the angle of your pull. Brilliant. The other nice touch is the locking lace hardware just above the pulleys – here you can lock off the tension of your lacing – you can run the forefoot loose – snug up the ankle tight – or vice versa – the locker lets you fine tune the tension of the laces making for a perfect boot fit.

GoreTex: A waterproof boot is a no brainer. One of the main tenants of Leave No Trace is to stay on the trail. No shortcuting. No skirting puddles ’cause you don’t wanna get your toes wet because you’re wearing inappropriate footwear. Tromp right on through the middle of those muddy trails. Keep the trails NARROW! Leave No Trace!

Protective Rubber Toe Rand: Here is the bumper of the boot. If I had a nickle for every time I’ve stubbed my toe against a root, rock, or tripped up by a sneaky-summer-snow-snake I’d own all the trails I’ve ever hiked. The toe rand takes the hits that would otherwise send you to your knees in pain and protects the boot (and you) from an early demise.

Vibram Sole: Who doesn’t love that yellow shield on the bottom of your boot sole? Some say V-ee-bram others say V-eye-bram. I say here is the perfect combination of traction and durability.

Not a hiker or backpacker? No worries. I wear this boot running my chainsaw on a 45° side-hill trying to stay ahead of my other full time job – fire mitigation around the ranchacito. Did I mention these boots are Italian made. Nuff said on this one.

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