Scarpa Kailash GTX -

Scarpa Kailash GTX

Springtime in the Rockies. Trails are wet, snowdrifted, and muddy. The Leave No Trace ethic tell us to stay on the trails – don’t create new trails where none are intended. When the trails are muddy and snowpacked there is a temptation to walk around and if everyone did that new trails form and it can get real ugly real quick.

To follow LNT you need to hike in proper footwear for the conditions you will encounter. The Scarpa Kailash is a great springtime boot (and for later in the Summer too).

The Kailash has a strong enough sole to sidestep snowdrifts. It is waterproof to stomp through puddles and over runoff cascading down the trails. It is comfortable and long wearing.

Do the right thing this Spring when you go for a hike. Keep the trails narrow as they are intended and hike in the proper footwear to keep you comfortable!

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