Scarpa Bhutan GTX Boots -

You can feel Fall in the air around here. Temperatures are cooling. You can see Fall around here. The sunlight is softer throughout the day and shadows are growing longer even during the middle of the day.

Why mention this? Well, with the changing of the seasons we change our footwear, too. Hunting season is up and going, families are out cutting firewood, last hikes are being taken up in the high country, and if you’re smart… snow is a thought in the back of your mind.

The Scarpa Bhutan GTX boot is a boot that will
help you transition from Summer to Fall and even into Winter. The boot is light but not weak. There is enough support and foot protection offered by the boot to tackle hunting firewood, fast hiking a 14er, or take an easy day hike from town. Don’t sell this boot short. It will handle wear and tear and will hold up to lots of use. Two thumbs up for Scarpa lengendary construction, fit, and value.

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