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Saucony Nomad TR

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– Its no secret, I am a fan of movement in the mountains via different mediums, most specifically climbing and running. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out Saucony’s newest addition to their trail running series, the Nomad TR. This rowdy looking running shoe is the perfect replacement for my army of over-run, blown out, tread-less trail runners. This fresh kick is featured in their “Run Anywhere” line, which fits my running style most appropriately.

Saucony treadNot being a fan of timing, distance, structure or regiments often found in the running community; I am more of the lace up the shoes,start running and let the legs carry me as far as possible, and try and push it a little further from there to see where the trail leads.

Although my running career may have started back in 7th grade when I ran Cross-Country for the Kilbourne Middle School Cougars; I took a 10 year sabbatical to peruse team sports, eventually returning to my roots in running 5 years ago when I moved into the mountains. Much of my influence has come from Christopher McDougall’s best selling novel, Born to Run, therefore, I am a firm believer in minimal shoes with little structure to encourage a more primal running style.

The evolution of my running shoe collection has been everywhere from the infamous Vibram 5 Finger all the way to the maximum cushion of the Hoka One One. Although my feet are able to withstand the battering of long miles on trail I appreciate the merits or cushion and padding underfoot to prevent bruising of the feet and hammering of the thighs, calf’s and IT Bands.

The upper construction of Saucony Nomad TR has the sock like fit that many companies are trying to emulate. With the right running sock from either one of Steamboat’s local proprietors of merino wool products; Smartwool and Point 6, this runner would feel like a dream for any distance of running with that combination. With limited support underfoot, I was free to hammer the trail with my normal gate without fighting the motion control or “support” offered by most other running shoes. Additionally, the Nomad TR comes equipped with my favorite feature, real tie laces! Under foot, the Nomad had plenty of cushion and limited torsional rigidity, making a soft forefoot strike on all surfaces.

At first glance, the tread of the Nomad seems unique, a symmetrical diamond pattern, much less aggressive then most over-built trail shoes. Saucony claims this to be their “Super Tacky” PWRTRAC rubber, which soon proved to be enough traction for pavement, gravel trails and meandering dirt single track.

Saucony’s Nomad TR has become a welcomed addition to my plethora of footwear. With a comfortable upper, cushy mid-sole and tacky tread it is exactly what I often look for in a trail shoe.

Men’s and Women’s sizing.

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