Salomon Premiere Splitboard: Super Efficient Backcountry Snowboarding Gear -

Salomon Premiere Splitboard: Super Efficient Backcountry Snowboarding Gear

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The Salomon Premiere Is One of the Coolest Splitboards Made

– The Salomon Premiere Splitboard is evidence that splitboarding is not merely a “fad” destined to go the way of the monoski or the snowblade… rather the demand for reliable and efficient backcountry snowboarding gear has made it easy for companies like Salomon to justify the expense of innovating newer and better designs.

At first glance, it’s obvious that the Premiere is a splitboard unlike any other on the market today… It looks like it has a lot going on, because it does! Salomon developed the unique interface of the Premiere to allow for a narrower “ski” when touring, and thus provide a much more efficient setup on longer hikes. The old adage, “one pound on your foot is worth six in your pack” applies here as the middle section of the board separates into two pieces that are easily stowed in your pack leaving you with less surface area underfoot when in tour-mode. Saving precious energy for the descent is something any splitboarder can appreciate.

Salomon has only been offering splitboards for a few years now, but they’re not rookies when it comes to building quality snowboards. After setting up hundreds of splitboards, it becomes obvious during that process what companies are meticulous when it comes to construction and which are willing to cut corners. Salomon’s splitboards are built with remarkable attention to detail, and it’s for that reason that they were able to produce a board that splits into four pieces and still rides like a real snowboard.

Due to the unique size and shape of the Premiere when it’s in tour-mode, the $1299 price tag includes specially-designed skins and crampons, as well as the complete interface from Plum (new for 2017). This marvel of snowboarding craftsmanship is available in very limited numbers, so don’t waste any time getting to the ‘Haus to check it out!

2017 Salomon Premiere Splitboard ($1299)

Shown here with 2017 Spark R&D Arc Bindings ($385)

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