Salewa Alp Flow Mid GTX Boots

Salewa Hiking boots Alp Flow Mid GTXWaterproof Boots for Men and Women

– When your hiking trail is full of mud, puddles, snowdrifts, and muck the boots you should have on your feet are the Salewa Alp Flow Mid Goretex Boots. One of our biggest pet peeves is tread pattern of the Salewa Alp Flow Midwhen hikers walk around puddles in the trail or side skirt complete sections of trail to keep their feet dry. What they are doing is making the trails wider or creating trails where none were intended. This is a result of wearing inappropriate footwear for the time and place.

This May has been exceptionally wet with persistent rain and snow. The lower trails in the valley have started to melt out but they are incredibly wet. At this rate the higher alpine trails won’t be dry until well into July. A waterproof boot should be in your gear closet or on your equipment list.

The Men’s and Women’s Salewa Alp Flow GTX boots are really good. They are some of the lightest boots Ski Haus stocks.. Salewa has designed these boots with Goretex Surround technology. 360° of climate control for your feet. Your waterproof boot will keep you feet dry and comfortable even as you puddle stomp up the trail! This open construction allows more moisture and body heat to escape from the boot (more than a traditional waterproof boot). The midsole has a tiny, open spacer or layer inside the boot under the foot that allows increased breathability and moisture to escape out the side ventilation outlets. Dry and warm feet are less prone to blisters and chafing… The result is longer hikes with comfortable and happy feet.

The Salewa Alp Flow Mid is perfect for the mountains around Steamboat Springs. Our mountains are not overly technical. We have real cruisin’ terrain where you can cover lots of distance fast. The Alp FLow Mid is ideal. Nice and flexible with enough umpf under the sole to protect your feet from rocks and roots. The sides of the boot are soft enough to accommodate wide feet. We fit a lot of different foot shapes in these boots.

The mid cut of the boot will protect ankle bones from an occasional misstep or bump against stone. Ouch! The ballistic mesh and protective rubber rand around the outside of the boot adds life and durability. The Vibram outsole offers plenty of traction and the rubber is not too hard that it is slippery on wet rock. Excellent traction in all conditions.

We like the Salewa Alp Flow Mid GTX boots for their cushioning, warmth (think early Spring and late Fall), ventilation (think mid-summer), and trail performance (think what goes up must come down). Two thumbs up.

Women’s – Venom?Bright Acqua $239.00
Men’s – Basilico/Foliage $239.00


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