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Ruffwear Track Jacket

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High visibility jacket for dogs
High Visibility Safety

– The Ruffwear Track Jacket is in season right about now. Have you noticed the morning being darker later and the evenings growing dark earlier? Have you noticed your best four-footed friend disappearing in the low light only a few feet away? Have you thought, yikes!? It’s hunting season already but you’re not ready to stop hiking the trails with your dogs? Yes, Yes, and Yes, are the answers to those questions.

The Ruffwear Track Jacket is your ticket to safely taking your best bud with you into the backcountry or for a run/walk along our roads. Keeping your dog visible to yourself, hunters, cars and trucks is a wise idea. I believe a large junk of peace of mind is also included when you wrap your dog in the Track Jacket.

The Ruffwear Track Jacket adds a high level of luminescence making it an essential piece of gear for October hikes or after-work runs all Fall and Winter. The track Jacket is easy on and off with maximum visibility (blaze orange… there’s lots of that color hiking around the mountains these days). There are three separate loops on the jacket to attach Ruffwear’s Beacon safety lights, too. Lots of jackets similar to this one travel all over the dog. Most of them wind up underneath your dog’s tummy  – not very ideal. The Track Jacket will stay in place all day and all night long. The fabric is durable and waterproof so when it comes time to roll, no worries. Let ’em roll. The Track Jacket will last a very long time.

Additional features include:

  • Lightweight, low-profile tension hooks provide a quick and secure connection
  • Durable, waterproof fabric
  • Streamlined design is easy to put on and stays in place

Lots of the Ski Haus staff member have dogs and spend a lot of time hiking in the forest. We give this product a high five and so will your dog!

(worth every penny)

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