RuffWear Packs and Zuke's Treats for Dogs -

RuffWear Packs and Zuke’s Treats for Dogs

By June 22, 2012September 27th, 2017Dogs, Gear, Hiking & Camping Gear

Ski Haus shop dog, Bentley.Dog Packs, Toys, and Treats at Ski Haus


Dogs love Ski Haus. In the summertime we place a water bowl out on the store’s front porch and we have containers of treats on the counters for dogs who come in and shop inside the store. And of course, the staff have lots of dogs who love to go hike and ski and swim and go on big adventures with us… In fact that is what we all live for!

So with that in mind, Ski Haus has developed quite the selection of RuffWear travel bowls, packs, beds, leashes, collars, toys, summer and winter booties, and a variety of treats for our dog-faced buddies from Zukes and TailWaggers.

Here are some of the highlights on the gear list for dogs we won’t do without and our dogs give two paws up for…

Approach Pack – let your buddy be part of the team and carry his or her own food for your backpack trip.

K9 Float Coat – keep your pal safe on the river – even if they are good swimmers – a float coat will keep them up even in strong currents. There is an easy lift handle on top so you can lift them back into boat.

The Beacon – this handy little light is ideal come Fall and Winter when the days are short and the nights are long. Keep an eye on your pooch as the stars come out or let motorists see him when your out for a night run along the road.

Bivy Bowl – You have to hydrate and so does your dog. In camp set him up with his own bowl so he doesn’t have to walk to the creek all night long…

Omnijore Joring System – Use this ski joring system in the winter or use it in the summer long boarding. Talk about fun!

Musher’s Secret – this heavy wax will keep snow from clogging your dog’s pads in the winter and keep the pads from cracking in the summer. Spread it on liberally. You feel good when you use lotion on your own body – you dog will appreciate the extra TLC.

Flophouse Foam Pad – When you’re both dead tired and you crawl into bed don’t give your best friend the cold ground or a hard floor at home. Let him flop down into his comfy foam bed with plenty of sweet dreams!

We love our dogs and love having fun with them. The gear listed above we use day in and day out and it holds up to tons of use and play.

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