Rossignol X5 OT XC Ski Boots For A Little Bit Of Everything

Rossignol X5 OT XC Ski Boots For A Little Bit Of Everything

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Groomed Snow Or Wild Snow – All Is Good!

groomed cross country ski tracks
backcountry cross country ski tracks

The Rossignol X5 OT ($175.00) cross country ski boot offers xc skiers a little bit of everything. Here is the boot to use if you want to classic ski on a groomed track at a touring center and want to tour up on the pass in a backcountry setting.

The beauty of the Rossi X5 is it is light enough to not feel cumbersome at the local touring center and it is just stout enough with its external cuff to help with some extra support in the backcountry.

The optimum gear choice for optimum performance would be to have a classic set-up for the track and a BC set-up for skiing wild snow. However, Ski Haus knows not every budget is set up to be able accommodate multiple ski and boot options for wherever you want to ski. So… the Rossignol X5 OT and the Rossignol X5 OT FW (women’s fit) is here to save the day.

We like to set this boot up with either the Fischer Spider 62 ski ($229.95) or the Rossignol OT 65 ski ($265.00). Both of these skis are narrow enough to fit into the classic tracks at the touring center and both have metal edges that can help you out when skiing the pass.

Your consideration for either of these skis to work both places is they have to be narrow enough to fit the track but that same narrowness can make your BC skiing a bit of a challenge up on the pass in deeper snow.

They both will work just fine if you wait for the crack-of-noon before heading up into the backcountry. Waiting for a trail to be set in the backcountry lets these skis work just fine up there.

If you want to break your own trail realize you might have to work a little harder versus using a backcountry ski with more width. It is not impossible, it’s just requires a bit more energy from you. Or, as long as an existing trail is going the direction you want to go life will be pretty darn easy.

Photos: Perfectly groomed classic track at the Lake Catamount Touring Center here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. And the flip side, a backcountry ski track in wild snow on Rabbit Ears Pass, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


  • I was looking at these boots but it looks like they are NNN and not NNN BC.

  • Shannon Busby says:

    What is the difference between the Rossignol X5 and the X5 OT?

    • Murray Selleck says:

      Hi Shannon,
      We don’t stock the X5 so when I checked out the catalog it looks like the cuff on the X5 is a little less beefy – less ankle surport. And it appears the exterior heel counter of the boot is backed off. My guess is the torsional stiffness of the boot is a little less strong. I’d figure the X5 is more suited to touring center and golf course terrain while the X5 OT does offer enough strength to ski up on the passes and in wilder (not groomed snow) snow conditions. We do sell the X5 OT as a pretty all ’round boot. Good for skiing at the touring centers and it can work up on the pass in the right snow conditions. Hope this helps. Write back with any questions. Thanks, Murray

      • Erik says:

        I’m looking for a light BC boot that fits Wide feet and someone mentioned this boot, any input on this or other boots for wide feet?

        • Murray Selleck says:

          Hi Erik,
          The more times I try to guess what a person’s feet feel inside their Nordic boots the more often I’m mistaken. I suggest people try on any boot that is available to them. While one person may feel a “narrow” boot fits their wide foot just fine and the next person may say this “wide” boot fits their “narrow” foot great! The Rossignol X5OT is a great fitting boot. You might try the Salomon Escape 7. Both the X5 and Escape share a “light touring” sole. The binding is different than a BC sole. If you are thinking a BC sole try the Alpina Montana or Rossi BCX 6. Let me know how I can help! Thanks, Murray

  • Grzegorz says:

    Hi, Would You suggest somthing for my wife in similar specification ?

    • Murray Selleck says:

      Hello! Rossignol makes the X5 OT boot in a women’s fit, as well. We sell the Rossignol X5 OT FW (female width). The heel of the boot is narrower than the men’s boot. The both ski and fit great! Let me know how we can help or write back with any questions. Thanks! Murray

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