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Rossignol Soul 7

Soul 7The days are getting a bit chilly, and the Aspens have started to think about changing colors. Fall is here, and soon to follow, our favorite season. With all the talk about “winter around the corner,” some of our staff have started to get giddy.  What gets them excited you ask? All the new ski and snowboard gear coming in, of course! One of the most excited employees, Colin Dunlap really, really, really can’t wait. He’s already done one pre-season contest on snow, kinda.

Colin riding a rail

Colin, first on snow, kind of…

For his chance to be highlighted on the Ski Haus website, he chose the one ski that really caught attention this year. The Rossignol Soul 7. Loosely based off the popular Rossi S7, the Soul 7 has been totally retooled from the ground up. In fact, the whole new line of the 7 Series have been re-designed. A fusion of backcountry, freestyle and freeride, the Soul 7 is truly an all-mountain slayer and the most versatile freeride ski that Rossi has ever created. Fast, secure, and nimble on groomers. Light and very floaty in the deep stuff. Just about anyone can have a great day in any condition on these guys

Packed full of all kinds of new technology, the Soul 7 is 15% lighter thanks to a new Light Wood Core. Paulownia, which has a lower density than other wood but remains very strong, makes up most of the ski. The ever-popular Powder Turn Rocker maintains ease of the turns on the groomers, while still providing plenty of floatation in the pow without tiring the skier, making for a more pleasant ski experience.

Rossi Soul 7 tipsRossi Soul 7Rossi Soul 7 skis

The feature that stands out the most, and excites Colin, is the new Air Tip. Exclusive only to Rossignol, the tip and tail of the Soul 7 is a honeycomb structure filled just with air. The Powder Turn Rocker is still just as effective, but with the Air Tip, the skis weight is concentrated more to the center of the ski. This makes for a more balanced float in the deep snow and an easier initiation of turns on the groomers with significantly reduced tip chatter. Of this, Colin has to say, “The honeycomb on the tip really gets me going! I can’t wait to get in deep and just rail on it. It’s going to be amazing!”

The Soul 7 is truly a quiver-killer, in every sense of the term. This ski could easily replace two or three pairs of skis, or could be a great upgrade to an outdated pair. With all the new technology packed into such a light, versatile, all-mountain slayer, there really aren’t too many people out there who wouldn’t benefit from the Soul 7. Don’t forget that at Ski Haus, we have a huge selection of demo skis to try out this winter.  It always better to try before you buy. So when the snow flies, and the chairs start running, stop in and take out a pair of Rossignol’s new Soul 7. It might just be the best decision you make this winter. Remember, we’re on the way to where you’re going!

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