Rossignol S3 - Review -

Rossignol S3 – Review

The S3 from Rossignol was one the most popular alpine skis last season… and for good reason. It’s an incredibly versatile all-terrain vehicle that grants its rider access to all the nooks-and-crannies on the mountain. The 2012 model will soon be available at Ski Haus and offers the same Powder Turn rocker found on its big brother, the S7. Powder Turn rocker utilizes low camber underfoot and high tip and tail rocker to provide amazing floatation, tracking and an efficient angle of attack that gives skiers effortless steering and instant speed control. At 98mm underfoot, the S3 is a functional and lightweight all-mountain powder ski that is exceptionally maneuverable and forgiving. Whether using an Alpine, AT or Freeheel binding the S3 has the quickness and agility perfect for poaching secret stashes in and out-of-bounds. With the ‘Boat-loads of that famous Champagne powder en route to our backyard this winter, you’re gonna want to have a pair in your size mounted up and ready to go!

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