Rossignol 7 Series -

Rossignol 7 Series

Rossi Soul 7 alpine skiFUN x 7

– You probably have heard of and maybe even skied on the Rossignol S7 or S3, they have been two of the most popular skis on the market for the past couple of years. Rossignol has revamped the 7 series with some pretty exciting new skis. The Rossignol Super 7 (140/114/130), Soul 7 (136/106/126) and Sin 7 (128/98/118) are three rocking skis in this series. They all come with Powder Turn Rocker. The skis are 60% camber to give them energy and pop, with Tip Rocker and a more subtle Tail Rocker that keeps the ski floaty in powder, but more stable throughout a turn then the S7 and S3 ever were.

Honeycomb tip of the Soul 7Additionally, these skis have Air Tip in the front and back. Air Tip is a honeycomb construction that allows the ski to be stable underfoot but to have a tremendously light swing weight. All three of these skis are tremendous fun in a huge variety of conditions.

Don’t worry ladies, Rossi did not forget about you.  In this same 7 series as the men there is also the Savory 7 (132/102/122) and Saffron 7 (126/96/116) for the women.  These skis have the same technology as their men’s counterparts with a little flair for women skiers.  Try and buy all of these models at The Ski Haus.

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