Review: Nemo Dragonfly 2 Person Tent (Available At Ski Haus)

May 10, 2021 | Camping, Featured Products, Hiking and Camping Gear

Dragonfly tent made by Nemo pitched in RMNP Colorado

The Nemo Dragonfly 2 person tent is an excellent choice for all backpackers and campers.

I’ve used the Dragonfly on a few trips. It isn’t the lightest weight tent out there but I didn’t want that. The livable space inside is a roomy 1 person or a very efficient 2 person tent. It’s comfortable.

Balance & Compromise

There is a balance every backpacker must decide for themselves. Weight versus durability versus livable interior space.

Honestly, the Dragonfly is a nice compromise on all three considerations. Not too heavy, not too light, great durability, and easy living inside for sleeping or waiting out a storm.

The nemo dragonfly tent setup in Rocky Mountain National Park in a lodgepole forest

The Dragonfly has two doors for easy in and out for either user. And each person gets their own large vestibule to store gear outside of the tent. There is a storage attic that I find perfect to stash a headlamp, watch, and/or book.

Dragonfly Set Up

Tent set up is easy. The pole set is a single shock-corded affair with a separate single pole that snaps in across the tent body. This single pole creates nice vertical sidewalls on the tent body for more livability inside.

Sitting up space is important to me. And with two of you inside shoulder to shoulder there is enough room to adjust your clothing layers for waking up and getting out or settling in for some shut eye.

I like the Dragonfly color. A soothing green. it blends well into the landscape without shouting I’m here!


A fast packing set up with rainfly, pole set and footprint is an option. I’ve done this a few times and love it.

There isn’t anything not to love about the Dragonfly. Well, okay, there might be one thing and that is when I’m not backpacking with it!

Dragonfly 2 Person Tent: $389.95

Ski Haus stocks a pretty complete selection of Nemo products including tents, sleeping bags, pads, footprints, blankets, showers, pillows and blankets. Come get your Nemo at Ski Haus!