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2023/24 Winter Rentals

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What type of skier am I?

Type I skiers:

Ski conservatively, prefer slower speeds, prefer easy & moderate slopes, favor lower than average release-retention settings. This corresponds to an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased release capability in a fall. Type I settings apply to entry level skiers uncertain of their classification.

Type II skiers:

Ski moderately, prefer a variety of speeds, ski on varied terrain, including most difficult trails. All skiers who do not meet the descriptions of either Type I or Type III. Engage in moderate skiing at average release-retention settings.

Type III skiers:

Ski aggressively, normally ski at high speeds, prefer steeper and more challenging terrain, favor higher than average release-retention settings. This corresponds to decreased capability to release in a fall in order to decrease risk of inadvertent binding release. Engage in aggressive skiing at higher release-retention settings.

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Insurance is included on the price of all rentals. Insurance covers breakage under normal skiing and riding circumstances. It does not cover loss, theft, or negligence.

24 Hour Limit on Reservations:
For best service: if you are trying to make a rental reservation and pick up gear within 24 hours please call Ski Haus at 1-844-878-0385 and ask for our rental department.

Please Note:
When it comes to requests for specific demo equipment, ie: a specific model of boot, ski, or snowboard in a specific size, Ski Haus will do everything we can to fulfill your request. However, our rental program is open ended. This means that customers who have rented gear from us have the option of keeping their equipment longer than their original rental period. If a requested demo ski or boot is not available on your pick-up date, we reserve the right to set aside equivalent gear to satisfy your reservation. Thank you for understanding.

Rental Confirmations:
Ski Haus sends an auto reply confirmation to your reservation. If you don’t receive a reply in an appropriate time frame – check your “junk” or “spam” folder to see if it has landed there – or call Ski Haus (1-844-878-0385) and we will double check your reservation. Thank you!