Rain, Mud, Low Clouds And Cold. In Other Words... A Perfect Day

Rain, Mud, Low Clouds And Cold. In Other Words… A Perfect Day

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Fall Trail Run

3rd Annual Fall Trail Run Sponsored by Ski Haus and Lake Catamount

fall trail runfall trial run

The 3rd Annual Fall Trail Run sponsored by Ski Haus and Lake Catamount Ranch & Club was held yesterday, Sunday, October 1st on a very wet, rainy, and cold day. Turnout was limited to a handful of adventurous souls. The vast majority of folks who looked out their windows at home that Sunday morning and saw nothing but a dreary day stayed there… inside. And then there were the people who saw the same conditions out their windows and saw a day that held the promise of fun and possibilities and a trail run to attend.

We tip our hats to those people who saw challenging weather and trail conditions but knew they possessed the ability, the motivation, and a sense of adventure to come run and walk in the rain to raise some money for the local Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund. Oorah!

We had a runner 70 years old and we had a runner 4 years old, both strong-willed enough to come out for the morning. Ellaclaire, 4 years old, was the inspiration of the day. She ran with her uncle, Filip, for her first race ever. She crossed the finish line a little cold and wet but with a huge heartwarming smile. What could there possibly be to complain about? She was with family and friends and there were doughnuts at the finish line!

A big thank you goes out to the hearty 20 or so people who anted upped, rolled the dice, and came away with a strong sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. Ha! Ha! We laugh at the wind and the rain… it’s a beautiful day for a run!

So as we move towards winter, with Autumn leaves on the wind and snowstorms rolling through the valley,  I guess I’d ask everyone to take a look in their gear closet right after they take a look out their window. For many of us there are Goretex shells, waterproof shoes and boots, insulating layers of wool and capilene, knit hats, and gloves just waiting for a chance to be worn and worn out. What would Ellaclaire do?

See you next year at the Fall Trail Run! Rain or shine…

Photos: M. Selleck
Top to bottom:
– Willy Magill finishes very strong in his minimalist layering style.
– The low clouds fill in the valleys around the base of Mount Baldy.
– Kevin Kopishke, from Lake Catamount, gives the runners a last minute trail update.
– Runners and walkers on their way!
– Thomas Miller finishes strong! We like his creative bib# placement!
– Kirsten Ames cross the finish with a big happy smile. Way to go Kirsten!
– Walter Magill brings it home. The entire Magill Family rocks!
– Thomas Miller and his grandad, Mike Moore show the results of a perfect day.
– Ellaclaire and Filip at the finish.
– Ellaclaire, how can there be a cold day with her a warm heart like hers?

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