Primus Lite+ Compact All-In-One Camp Stove, Good Times Included!

Primus Lite+ Compact All-In-One Camp Stove, Good Times Included!

Primus campstove

Where there is a Primus Lite+ there is coffee!

primus lite+ burner blue flame
open flame on the primus lite+ stove
boiling water with the primus lite+ stovecomplete primus lite+ stove kit

Cold mornings and hot coffee… All brought to you within minutes with your Primus Lite+ backpacking stove. Primus you say? Primus is a Swedish company that has been manufacturing stoves since 1892. I’ve had my Primus Lite+ stove since 2015. Personally, for this type of stove… there’s none better.

One of the biggest differences between the Primus Lite+ and other “system” stoves is its efficiency. Primus designed the bottom of the kettle to nest down closer to the burner head than many other stoves you’ll find on the market. Closer equals more fuel and heat efficiency. The heat exchanger/wind screen concentrates more heat to the kettle. This closer connection also means a more stable, lighter, and compact stove.

The kettle nests to the stove with the triangular locking mechanism, (it’s the wire piece you see pictured to the left). It takes practically a quarter turn to fully lock the kettle into place giving you a very secure and solid connection. The kettle holds 500 ml and is wrapped by an insulating cozy. The kettle’s lid can double as a cup in a pinch.

Everything fits into the kettle for backpacking including a 100g fuel can.

The Primus Lite+ has a piezo igniter but everyone who has a stove with one of these knows to always bring a backup source of ignition. Matches. Lighter. Two rocks at midnight…

If you want to use a fry pan or a larger pot the strap on the kettle has three posts you screw into the burner head to accommodate different pots and pans you have in your gear box. A little replacement post comes with the stove along with a fuel can stabilizer (stabilizer and pot supports are sold separately by other companies). A cord to hang the stove is also included as an another option.

Another thing I really like about this Primus is how quiet it runs. I’ve had stoves in the past that when you turn them off you are shocked how quiet your surroundings become… or you are shocked at how loud your stove was running. With the Primus Lite+ when you turn the stove off you think how pleasant the quiet still is!

If you are needing a new stove this summer consider the Primus Lite+. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you’ve brought along the good coffee from home!

Primus Lite+ $114.95 (fuel not included but plenty of good times are!).

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