Point 6 Socks -

Proving to be far superior…
Last winter I started the ultimate test. I purchased two socks. One will remain nameless and the other one was a Point 6 sock. I bought both socks on exactly the same day and guess which one is still standing? You guessed it… Point 6.

I didn’t count the days, nor did I pay much attention to which one got worn more but the one pair of socks is worn out all over and my Point 6 are just fine. Maybe it has something to do with the wool fiber nylon mix that Point 6 is using or that the wool fibers themselves are spun tighter from the very beginning.

Either way Point 6 seems to be lasting longer. But who knows? When you live in a town where your socks are as important as your pack you could probably just assume you’re just getting your moneys worth, even if they only last a year.

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