POC Multi D Bib Short -

POC Multi D Bib Short

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POC bib shorts
Long Road Rides with Comfort

– The POC Multi D Bib Short is brand new to Ski Haus and we’re stoked. One of the first things that struck us was the braces or shoulder straps on this bib. They offer an adequate amount of Poc Multi D Bib Shortstretch which increases comfort but they aren’t too stretchy to allow the bib to move around on you. One of the hardest things to fit on a bib short are the braces. It is not uncommon for a rider to wear a medium short but need long braces. Think tall, fit, and racer weight. Often I have found a nice short and chamois but not be able to wear the bib because the braces are too short and pulling down on my shoulders when I’m in the drops. Not so with the POC Multi Bib Short. You’ll find the braces to be comfortable whether you’re on the tops or the drops.

POC is a Swedish company and that fact alone seems to give me comfort in their R&D. They put a ton of effort in the design of the chamois. POC determined that there is a lot more consistent and constant pressure and vibration reaching a road rider during our rides than anyone really realized. Enter the silicone based VPDS compound. This is a high tech visco-elastic polymer dough… (I can tell you I won’t be thinking of that tidbit of trivia on my bike). But I will be thinking about is how comfortable I am even on 4 hour rides (or longer: Tour de Steamboat). This pad is not too thick and not too thin and won’t break down, deform, or degrade anytime soon. Here is a short that will be part of your kit for awhile.

Tech on the bibs:
– Multi D chamois with silicone based pre-cut VPDS inserts.
– Ergonomic four-panel design for comfort and freedom of movement.
– Warp knitted stretch fabric with compression properties.
– Highly breathable mesh bibs.
– Silicone leg gripper for a secure and comfortable fit.
– Reflective print on back for improved visibility.
– Pocket in the rear mesh.

POC multi D padMulti D Pad Specs:
– Multi D is a seamless chamois developed to reduce vibrations, relieve pressure points and reduce chafing.
– The well-ventilated Multi D chamois uses POC’s unique VPDS, a silicone based two dimensional pre-cut insert. The two inserts have been strategically placed alongside the perineal channel to reduce road vibrations, provide additional support while allowing for optimal airflow.
– The perforated base layer guarantees maximum ventilation and the bacteriostatic properties of the fabric will keep your pad fresh over a longer time.

  1. Silicone based pre-cut VPDS inserts for reduced vibration and anatomic support.
  2. Seamless design for comfort and support.
  3. Perforated base layer for maximum ventilation.
  4. The fabric has bacteriostatic properties, which will keep your pad fresh over a longer time.

Quality in anything doesn’t come cheap and when has great design ever come that way?


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