Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour -

Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour

By December 4, 2015 December 10th, 2015 Bikes, Featured, Nordic & Cross-Country

Pleasant Valley Race Ride TourNew! Fat Bike/Nordic Ski Race Series

– Welcome to the 1st Annual Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour Series presented by Lake Catamount Touring Center and Ski Haus. As far as we know this is the first of its kind event. Lake Pleasant Valley Race Ride TourCatamount and Ski Haus are combining Fat Bike and Skinny Skis into a six event series with the emphasis on fun… not necessarily race results. We’ve lowered entry fees, added lots of value (t-shirts, burgers, beers, cornhole time bonuses, and tons of fun), and we have our fingers crossed that you find all of this too much fun to resist!

Pleasant Valley Race Ride TourAll events will be held at the Lake Catamount Touring Center. Here is the quick list of events with a brief description. Kids 12 years old and younger participate for free. To register online click here. You can also register at Ski Haus or at the Outfitter Cabin at the Lake Catamount Touring Center.

Fat Bike/Nordic Ski Relay – Sunday, December 20, 2015 . 10am start
You can enter as a team or solo. The first leg will be either skate or classic skiing on a pretty short course. As you come into the transition area you will have two beanbag/cornhole tosses for time bonuses (required!) and the second loop will be riding a fat bike. We will have the Specialized Demo Truck on hand adding to the selection of available fat bikes. Do have your bike ready by either already owning your own, renting from Ski Haus or another bike shop in town, or working out a potential demo bike from Specialized. Kids Fat Bikes are available, too.  The relay will be super fun. Find a teammate or power up for a solo effort!

Pleasant Valley Race Ride TourSki Haus Classic Nordic Race – Sunday January 17, 2016 . 10am start
Don’t bring your skate skis to this event. Classic only! Multiple courses available. 2k, 8k, or 15k. From the tiniest of skiers to some old-timers who can still stride out pretty darn fast to some very fit racers – you’ll see ’em all the Classic event. This race has been a highlight each winter for a number of years and we’re psyched that it is now part of the Race . Ride . Tour Series. Come join the fun. Enter to race, enter to leisurely tour the course with friends, enter to show support for the oldest of skiing styles. All are welcome!

Full Moon Fat Bike Race – Wednesday January 20, 2016 . 6 pm $25 includes Burger, beer, or non-alcoholic beverage.
Lake Catamount Touring Center started these Full Moon Races last winter and they were a huge success. Everyone from full on racers to friends who just rode the course together to enjoy the moonlight scenery came out to play. It is super cool to see the riders spread out over the Lake Catamount Touring Center’s tracks in the moonlight. Post ride everyone meets up at the Catamount Restaurant for a great burger, cold beer (or non alcohol beverage) and let the story making begin!

Lake Catamount Nordic Marathon – Sunday February 14, 2016 . 10am start
Open to skate skiing or classic skiing here is the distance race of the season. 2k, 8k, 20k, or 40k. This is a great race to set your sights on. Skiing up to 40k and finishing feeling good is a worthy goal for anyone! The course and track at Lake Catamount is really some of the best you will ever ski and the views of the Yampa Valley

Pleasant Valley Race Ride TourFull Moon Fat Bike Race – Wednesday, February 17, 2016 . 6pm
After riding under January’s full moon what better way to top of the winter than riding under February’s full moon? This event is such a blast and the camaraderie among all the riders during and after this event is really worth seeing and feeling. The post ride Burger-n-beers is a great warm up treat in the Lake Catamount Restaurant. Dress warm, don’t forget your Buff, Cliff Clavin, or balaclava!

Fat Bike/Nordic Ski Relay – Sunday, March 6, 2016 . 10am
The season finale brings Fat Bikes and Skinny Skis back together for one last time. Same format as our first event. Enter this event as a team or solo. Be ready to ski and pedal and those who are real serious will have been practicing their cornhole tosses to earn those valuable time bonuses!

We hope you find the Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour to fun and exciting and we sincerely hope to see you at all six of the events. Help spread the word and see you out there!



  • Megan Carrington says:

    Hi, do you have a kids race at the Lake Catamount Nordic Marathon? My children, ages 5, 8 and 10 have been learning to classic and skate ski for the last couple of years and we thought it would be fun to go to a race.


    • Murray Selleck says:

      Hi Megan,
      Yes, we’ll have 2k, 5k, 8k, 16k, and 32k distances. It will be up to your kids what distance sounds fun to them. The 2k and 5k distances are pretty flat. The 8k may be a little long and does have one moderate hill and one pretty stout hill on its course. Kids under 12 can enter for free. If you try to register on it won’t recognize N/C registrations so it will be best to register at Ski Haus or the Lake Catamount Touring Center. Thanks for your note. Write back with any questions. Murray

  • Gabriela says:

    Hi, I am very interested in signing up for the Catamount Marathon ski race 5k, 8k, or 16k, depending on what’s available. Is the race on February 14th or 26th? There is information for both dates on different websites. Also, is the race open for beginners? I have a decent amount of experience skiing the Steamboat Lake trails and the Nordic trails at Howlesen, will Catamount be suited for my experience level? I am so excited for my first ski race participation! looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Gaby (North Routt skate ski enthusiast)

    • Murray Selleck says:

      hi Gaby,
      The date for the Catamount Marathon is February 26th. Here is the link for the most current information.
      All are welcome, beginners especially! Catamount hills are tamer than Howelsen’s hills. If you have fun at Howelsen you’ll do just fine at Catamount. This year’s options are 2k, 5k, 8k, 16k, and 32k. Maybe you should go big since it’s your first race. (My first race was a 50k up in West Yellowstone… super fun and crazy!). Write back with any questions and we’re looking forward to seeing line up! Thanks, Murray

  • Colin Rooney says:

    Great race!
    Well groomed, beautiful scenery, and nice people.
    Thanks for putting it on 🙂

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