Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour 1st Winter Event -

Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour 1st Winter Event

First Ever Fat Bike and Nordic Ski Relay

– The inaugural winter event of the Pleasant Valley Race Ride Tour was this past Sunday, December 20, 2015. What a blast! Everyone had a great time riding Fat Bikes around the First Light Trail, skiing the Heritage Trail, and giving each other high fives at the finish with donuts and coffee in hand. This first event was a fat bike / nordic ski relay that could be done either as an individual or a team. Either way – one lap of biking and one lap of skiing was on the docket. The day was ideal, conditions were stellar, the participants were eager and fun loving… Nothing could have topped the day off better! Here are a few highlight photos of the morning.  1_RRT_14Marti Irish on her way to the start. She was smiling just as nice at the end!

15_RRT_1The running start to the Fat Bikes. The first lap was biking. The second lap was skiing. The third lap was donuts and coffee at the end!

15_RRT_2The Race is on!

15_RRT_3Or if you wanted to “just” ride… the ride was on, too!

15_RRT_4One skater out. One casual rider in. Dave Macatee officiating:)

15_RRT_6Donuts and Coffee for the post race/ride feast!

15_RRT_7Jim Barker coming home strong. Smell the coffee Jim?

15_RRT_8Comparing stories at the end.

15_RRT_9Cornhole time bonus! Hit the mark and deduct 30 seconds from your overall time. A few folks hit their mark. BONUS!


15_RRT_11Which bike is mine? John Freckelton heading for home.

15_RRT_12Jim “Pops” Meyers officiated the road crossing for us. Thanks for coming out Jim!

Pleasant Valley Race Ride TourThese bib numbers came in handy at the post race feed, too.

15RRT_5Bikers becoming skiers. Crazy how that works.

Thanks to everyone who came out and played. The second event in the series is January 17th. Classic Ski Only Race or Tour at the Lake Catamount Touring Center. Help spread the word, bring a couple friends, and come on out for fun time! Register at Ski Haus, Lake Catmount Touring Center or online at

Up! UP! UP!

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