Patagonia Better Sweater

Patagonia Better Sweater

By September 8, 2016 September 27th, 2017 Featured, Men's Clothing

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Layer Up When It Chills Down

The Patagonia Better Sweater brings to mind low grey skies and crispy gold leaves underfoot. Here is the sweater to layer up when it chills down. The Better Sweater presents options. Wear this piece as an outer layer or wrap it up under a shell jacket when the serious cold fronts drop down from the north.

The fleece polyester has a nice hand to it. Soft – but it has some weight to it. I’d say this layer is a bit heavier than your average midweight but not too heavy that it feels bulky. If trees are crackin’ and snow flyin’ – top yourself off with a windproof shell and you’ll be smiling all day long since you’re outside enjoying life.

better sweater layerThe Patagonia Better Sweater is stitched together using a knitted, heathered polyester fleece. Look close. The knit is stylish. This fits right in with the Steamboat Springs casual. Heck, man. Honestly. You’ll look all dressed up for date night in any mountain town.

The Patagonia Better Sweater features a nice high collar. You can easily tuck your chin down inside it and won’t feel any zipper bite. The collar is lined with a soft micro fiber jersey (for you and me that just means comfortable). This same material trims out the sleeves and hem giving you just the right amount of a color pop.

There are two zippered side pockets and little zippered sleeve pocket, too. I’ve never been a huge fan of a pocket on the sleeve but it look cool I know there are lots of people who know just what to do with this feature.

I’m pretty tall and lean and the medium fits pretty darn perfect. I could nit-pick the length of the sleeves (just a touch short for my long arms) but I can do this with just about any long sleeved jacket, shirt, pullover, sweater, space suit, or hoodie available on this planet. The medium is a trim fit on my torso which I like. The large fits loose and long on me so give me the medium fit with the slightly short sleeves because being able to easily layer over the top without feeling compressed is best.

We’re only a couple weeks away before folks start popping off how cold it’s become in the mornings and evenings. I suggest ear plugs and the Patagonia Better Sweater.





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