Olukai Kaona II Boot -

Olukai Kaona II Boot

Olukai Kauna II Women's BootA CLASSIC FALL BOOT

– As the seasons change from our warm summer to a nice cool Fall, we are seeing our customers wearing more long pants, long sleeves, less sandals, and more boots. With the change of weather how we dress naturally changes, too. With that in mind, one of the coolest black women’s boots we have found for this season is from Olukai and it is the Kaona II.

To us, the Kaona boot says Fall. Low evening light. Walking through damp fallen golden leaves downtown with the one you love on your way to date night… We love Fall and we love how these boots look, fit, and feel. Cozy.

With premium leather and a timeless silhouette, the Kaona II only gets better with age. This leather was hand selected for its desirable rustic properties. Expect this boot to collect unique markings over time, adding to its well-worn beauty.

Ski Haus stocks the Olukai Kaona II in black only. Sizes 6 through 10. $180.00

Fall Colors in Steamboat Springs Colorado

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