Nikwax Tech Wash -

Nikwax Tech Wash
Every now and then your skiwear needs a little love, I know mine does. When your ski clothes or any kind of waterproof outerwear gets dirty it will eventually get to the point where the fabric isn’t going to do its job.

This is where Nikwax comes in. Nikwax Tech-wash is a cleansing solution that can be poured in with your laundry instead of your regular laundry detergent. Most waterproof fabrics such as Gortex are extremely porous, that’s what makes them breathable. They are designed so that water stays out but air is allowed to transfer through. So once we clog those pores with dirt you no longer have a fabric that functions the way it should and slowly overtime you lose breathability. Using Nikwax Tech-wash not only cleans the pores out but also re-waterproofs the material.

The most frequent question I get is why not just use regular detergent? Regular detergent will actually clog those fiber pores even more with a residue that we can’t see. So maybe it will clean the garment but it won’t improve the waterproofness and may, in fact, compromise its performance. Nikwax comes in a variety of solutions for all sorts of fabric types from baselayers and down sleeping bags to leather shoes and boots. All of which have specific properties that help gently clean, rejuvenate, and restore the garment to its original state.

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