New to Ski Haus - Purnell Clothing for Men and Unpredictable Days

New to Ski Haus – Purnell Clothing for Men and Unpredictable Days

By April 15, 2017September 27th, 2017Featured, Men's Clothing


Purnell Shirts and Shorts

When Your Day Takes You From Work To Play And Play Back To Work, Purnell

– Every summer day is unpredictable. You might start off with a plan to get something done at work but by 9am that plan has been replaced with a better plan. A little trail time in the mountains. Work your way up a trail, up and over a pass, work your way down and around and now you’re really getting something done – just not at work.

Purnell, based out of Santa Barbara, CA., has based their entire clothing line on this premise of unpredictability. The best clothes are those that go with the flow of your day and let you look and feel great no matter the task. From mucking a stall or two on the ranch to meeting the in-laws in town for dinner – both tasks have their own element of danger  – Purnell shirts and shorts will be fetching you compliments from man and beast.

Shown above are the Madras Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt in Black and Tan ($68.00) and the Weibell Distribution Short in Olive ($68.00).

From Purnell, Ski Haus stocks the Madras Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt ($68.00) 4-Way Stretch Quick Dry Paid Shirt ($75.00), Quick Dry Plaid (72.00), Quick Dry Short ($68.00), Weibell Distribution Short ($68.00), Flat Front Harringbone Short ($65.00).

A final note. Unless your a textile guy you’ll just have to trust us on this… Our clothing buyer says the Purnell shirts have a great “hand” or feel to them. She says they are stitched with some of the nicest feeling materials she has ever felt. It it impresses Vicki that much you can be sure to impress your in-laws. Now that is saying something…

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