New to Ski Haus. ON Cloud and Cloudflyer Running Shoes

ON running shoes

Swiss Performance Running Shoes

ON running shoes

ON running shoes are new to Ski Haus this Fall and they are a featherweight shoe that offers wonderful cushioning without feeling like a sponge. Explosive take-offs that feel like propulsion under your feet. Plus, they offer confident stability and secure traction for every surface.

Leave it to the Swiss to develop such a running shoe.

Ski Haus stocks the Cloud ($130) and Cloudflyer ($160) for men and the Cloud ($130) for women. More models from ON will be arriving this Spring.

What have our customers been saying about ON?
– “I have the Cloud in multiple colors.”
– “Best trail shoe ever!”
– “They don’t look as sporty as some running shoes. They are appropriate to wear as my town shoes without feeling like I should be working out or running.”
– “I can’t believe how light they are!”

Every ON running shoe model share a few features that keep the shoe feeling incredibly light. As you run you will notice a significant soft landing. As you propel yourself forward on your run you’ll feel an explosive take-off (this is the shoe working for you – not against you).
– Cloudtec technology that provides cushion and responsiveness both horizontally and vertically.
– Zero gravity foam for being lightweight but abrasion resistant for a long wearing long lasting sole.
– Speedboards that protect your feet from stone bruising and provide acceleration.

ON focuses on cushioning – not correction. They design shoes to let you run and walk with your natural stride and the sole accommodates that motion – not change it. You also can run naturally without trying to correct a natural pronation or supination.

The real test is putting your feet in a pair of ON shoes. The uppers are so soft and lightweight it barely feels like you have shoes on your feet. Walk in the shoes and your first stride will tell you these shoes are different and they feel good.

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