Howler Brothers Shirts For Home On The Range Or The Beach

Howler Brothers Shirts For Home On The Range Or The Beach

By May 15, 2017September 27th, 2017Featured, Men's Clothing

Howler short sleeved shirts

Good Times, Good Vibes, And Good Threads To Tie It All Together

– I was looking through the clothing racks at the ‘Haus the other day and found something brand new. Howler Brothers shirts. They caught my eye because there was a difference hanging on the hangers there. New patterns and a kinda of retro western short sleeve shirt made me take a second look.

I like ’em.

My favorite is the H Bar B Snapshirt. The Vintage Floral in Aged Stone has grown on me. When I first saw it I wasn’t too sure. But as I look around at all the shirts out there this one is standout different. Very subtle style in a western kind of way (H Bar B, man) with pearl snaps, western style shoulders, front pockets that actually line up with the rest of the shirt’s pattern, and a super cool microfiber sunglass cleaner stitched to the inside of the right front hem.

Right? A lens cleaner stitched to the shirt? Who doesn’t clean their shades with whatever they happen to have nearby? Like their shirt? Now you can clean those smudged lenses with your shirt proper-like. Thanks Howler!

The other Howler Brothers Shirt that caught my eye is the H Bar B Tech Shirt. The Tech has all the utility of a cool nylon-poly blend fabric with stretch and a vented rear yoke to keep the shirt light-n-airy and prevent you from looking like a sweat box. This shirt also features a hidden zip pocket off the back to stash a few bills. The H Bar B Tech is perfect for putting a few laps together on Emerald Mountain with your mountain bike and feeling fresh enough to hang out at the pub afterward. That is our kind of shirt.

Ski Haus has an excellent variety of Howler Brother Shirts on hand. The H Bar B is a favorite but check out the Rancher Polo in a very subtle lightning print. Or the Matagorda Long Sleeve Shirt which is ideal for flying a few flies on the Yampa.

Ski Haus also stocks a nice selection of t-shirts and shorts from Howler Brothers but that will be another post down the road.

Sporting something new and different from the expected look your friends and colleagues expect from you is a good thing. Come on in to Ski Haus and check out Howler Brothers, buy a new shirt, take a hike or a ride, crack a beer or two, spark up a campfire, tell some stories, and howl a little into the night sky…


  • mark Grisham says:

    Are the white floral snap shirts still available?

    • Murray Selleck says:

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your note. I’m sorry to say we’re sold out of the Spring/Summer Howler shirts. Currently our inventory of Howler is all Fall and flannel. They are great shirts. Staff favorites for sure… let me know if you have any other questions. We’re here to help. Thanks, Murray

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