New to Ski Haus! Harvest Skis, Homegrown in Steamboat Springs

New to Ski Haus! Harvest Skis, Homegrown in Steamboat Springs

By October 19, 2018February 22nd, 2019Alpine & Telemark

Harvest skis

Harvest Skis, designed, manufactured, and tested in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Harvest Skis are made and skied in Steamboat Springs. They are made one pair at a time with meticulous attention to detail. No massive production runs by some anonymous factory overseas with these skis. One pair at time and maybe 100 pairs made per year.

Eric Baker, (owner, designer, and manufacturer of Harvest Skis) makes his skis downtown in a rented garage/factory. He uses locally harvested wood for the ski’s cores. Ski design can be tweaked practically immediately with the feedback that Eric receives. The result is this season’s crop of skis can match your ideal ski days in a number of ways.

Ski Haus stocks the Homegrown, Homegrown BC, PowCow, and Root Down. Here is the breakdown:

Harvest Homegrown and Homegrown BC Skis.

Dimensions 136.105.126. All mountain ski – all day. Not the fattest Harvest ski but certainly one of the most capable. Big enough to float the powder but also versatile so that once the pow has been skied off the front side you have a confident ski to navigate the push piles and mank. 105 under foot is really nice. Wide enough for stability and float but not so wide you have to work to move it from edge to edge.

Homegrown BC features a fishscale, no kick-wax pattern under foot for backcountry skiing. Skins are optional with the kick pattern. Ski and climb your way to any backcountry destination. If your ascent begins to out-climb the kick pattern add a skin for B-Line climbing. Otherwise, with no skin you save the trudge feeling that skins sometime add to a backcountry ski day.

Both models feature early rise tips, camber under foot for edge hold, and tapered tip and tail.

Harvest PowCow

Dimensions 148.122.135. Pure Powder. If you can’t get Neil Young’s Harvest Moon or Comes a Time out of your head then ski is for you. “In the field of opportunity/It’s plowing time again.” Or in this instance it is Harvest Time again. Making laps and harvesting large powder fields with endless powder all day long is what the PowCow is all about.

Nice and wide underfoot for endless champagne powder and maximum float. Plenty of sidecut to make dreamy turns and if you’re stuck skiing the front side home plenty of edge hold to feel good.

Early rise tip, camber underfoot, and tapered tips and tails.

Harvest Rootdown

Dimensions 113.90.113. Park and Play. What can’t this ski do? Call it a mid-fat, twin tip, do-it-all from the fresh to the corduroy, to the chutes, trees, bumps, park and half pipe.

90 underfoot makes this ski feel light and lively and you can throw turns or airs on a whim. Quick and nimble. Early rise tip and tail for increased float and turn release, camber underfoot provides edge hold on firmer snow and a medium flex for firmer snow conditions. Confidence in a tidy package.

Ski Haus will have the HomeGrown and RootDown models available for demo/rental. All models of Harvest Skis retail at $789.00. Come take at look or take a Harvest for a demo ride at at Ski Haus!

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