New at Ski Haus: Heather's Choice Packaroons, Breakfasts, and Dinners

New at Ski Haus: Heather’s Choice Packaroons, Breakfasts, and Dinners

Heather's Choice at Ski Haus

Heather's Choice. Real Food. Real Energy. For Real Adventures

New to Ski Haus this Fall is Heather’s Choice foods from Anchorage, Alaska. It is a great day when you discover and are excited about a new young company with great products. This is how Ski Haus feels about Heather’s Choice.

A friend of a friend told us we should check out Heather’s Choice and as soon as we clicked through her website we were hooked. We couldn’t wait to taste the Packaroons, Breakfasts, and dehydrated Dinners this tiny company produces. Our first shipment arrived this past week and we were not disappointed!

Immediately, Chelsea tasted the Spiced Cocoa Packaroons and proclaimed them “addictive.” Michele tried the Black Espresso Packaroons and said “those are really good!” I took home packs of the Spiced Cocoa, Orange Vanilla, and Lemon Lavender Packaroons for my weekend of running my chainsaw and fieldbrush mower… Dang, the Packaroons are delicious and my new favorite good-to energy food pick-me-up!

This morning I cooked up a Strawberry Vanilla Buckwheat Breakfast – I even followed the directions – and it was flavorful, very tasty, filling, and super easy. It turned out perfect with just 4 ounces of boiling water and the patience to let it rehydrate. Nothing could be easier.

When it comes to food I’m a consumer. I’m not a cook and being creative in the kitchen is not my thing but when I look at the Heather’s Choice Ingredients on her website I only become more impressed. Heather lists every ingredient she uses and the reasons why she uses them. I learned quite a bit. Can you become even more impressed after you’ve already been impressed? Yes.

Here is the list of what Ski Haus has in stock right now.
Packaroons $5.00 – Blueberry Almond, Lemon Lavender, Mint Chocolate, Orange Vanilla, Spiced Cocoa, Black Espresso, Amaretto, and Sweet Coconut.
Breakfasts $7.00 – Banana Nutmeg, Apple Pie Spiced Breakfast, Strawberry Vanilla, and Cherrry Cocoa Nib.

Trust us. Try whatever Heather’s Choice option sounds good to your tastebuds… you will not be disappointed. Made in Alaska. Enjoyed in Colorado!

Above Photo: Heather in action. Wish we were there!

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