New 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower Fresh at the 'Haus!

New 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower – Fresh at the ‘Haus!

By July 26, 2019Bikes, Featured, Top 25
Santa Cruz Hightower bike new 2020 model in stock

Santa Cruz Hightower. Ideal for Colorado...

The new 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower 29er is in stock at Ski Haus. We are pretty darn psyched. New and improved only adds stoke to the riding fire. And with a ton of mountain biking yet to come this summer here is one more reason to add more ride time to your summer schedule.

New Lower Link Suspension

New to the Hightower for 2020 is the lower link driven R suspension. This gives the rider a more plush and balanced ride. Locally, this makes climbing Emerald Mountain quicker and more efficient. It also makes descending Buffalo Pass a no-brainer with intuitive and confident agility. Plush, balanced, comfortable, and confident is how we describe the Hightower.

The Trifecta of Milage, Climbing, and Descending

140mm of rear travel combined with 150mm of front suspension and a 65 degree head tube angle is the trifecta of a go anywhere, climb anything, descend whatever, and call it a day kinda bike. Made for Colorado fits the bill.

Flip Chip

Take a look at the Flip Chip which controls bottom bracket height. Set high the BB is in the perfect position for rocky, tricky, technical trails. Set low the shock rate is more progressive to prevent bottoming out and a plush feeling descent. Tune this bike with the Flip Chip to your riding style and preference.

Wait, There’s More

More upgrades include a threaded BB for convenience, refined cable routing for better shifting performance and no cable rub. Plus, there’s a paint saving tailgate shuttle guard, downtube protector, shock fender, and noise-canceling chainstay protector keeping things quiet.

Ready to amp up your Summer filled with riding? We thought so…


Photos curtesy of Santa Cruz Bicycles.

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