Nemo Sleeping Bags And Thoughts On Sleeping Comfortable

Apr 30, 2021 | Camping, Featured Products, Hiking and Camping Gear

Nemo Sleeping Bags at Ski Haus in Steamboat Springs Colorado

Nemo sleeping bags are packed with lots of excellent cutting edge features. These are not the bags you used in high school (if you are of a certain age).

Some the best design features that I like are the Thermo Gills, waterproof toe box, a selection of sleeping bag shapes, and no gimmicks.

Thermo Gills on a nemo sleeping bag at Ski haus in Steamboat Springs Colorado

Nemo Thermo Gills

The Thermo gills allow you to vent excess heat from your sleeping bag without unzipping the main zipper. In a bag without gills if you unzip the main zipper line to vent heat you can create a significant draft. On one side you are subjected to a cold draft and the other side you may be comfortable.

With Thermo Gills you can vent at least 10° of heat without creating an uncomfortable draft. And with the gills zipped closed you have an as advertised temperature rating. So if you purchase a 15° bag and open the gills you effectively have a 25° or 30° bag. Versatility is a good thing.

The toe box of a nemo sleeping bag is waterproof

Waterproof Toe Box

Every Nemo bag comes with a waterproof shell on the toe box of the bag. Who hasn’t found themselves pressing their feet against a tent wall now and then? This is where condensation can collect and getting the insulation of the bag damp. A waterproof toe box eliminates this discomfort.

Nemo's classic spoon shape sleeping bag has room to move around

5 Different Bag Shapes

Nemo offers 5 different shapes with their sleeping bags. Classic Spoon, Mummy, Rectangular, Relaxed Spoon and Ultralight Spoon.

Everyone sleeps different and are comfortable in different cuts of sleeping bags. Some folks claim claustrophobia in a sculpted bag – others sleep cold in too roomy of a bag. You find your optimum comfort with options in the shapes of bags that suit you best.

Nemo’s Spoon shape bags offer more room around elbows and knees and taper a bit around your lower legs. The three different Spoon shapes offer more, less, and just right room in the bag.

Their Mummy bags are the most sculpted fit and this is where you will find the most efficiency at keeping you warm. With more bag wrapping close to you there is less space that your body has to heat to keep you warm.

These bags are also designed to be rolled with you. Don’t try to roll inside the bag… grap hold of the bag and roll your body with the bag from one side to other.

Nemo bags are worth a look if you are shopping for a comfortable night’s sleep in the backcountry or car camping or something in-between.

Tips for a good night’s sleep

– Don’t underestimate your pad. Pads do have an R value for insulation.
– Eat a good dinner. Fuel the furnace with enough calories to burn all night long.
– Wear a knit hat or long underwear to increase warmth on extra cold nights.
– Use a space efficient sleeping bag so you are not heating large areas inside the bag you are not using.

Sleep good… tomorrow’s gonna be great!