Mountain Hardwear Citypass Long Sleeve Popover

Mountain Hardwear Citypass Long Sleeve Popover

By April 26, 2016September 27th, 2017Featured, Women's Clothing

Mountain Hardwear CitypassStyle and Function

– The women’s Mountain Hardwear Citypass Long Sleeve Popover is a nice, lightweight pullover that is loaded with style and function.

I always love a piece of clothing or gear that can be used for multiple purposes. The Citypass Long Sleeve Popover, which is new for Spring 2016, is just that kind of clothing. This is an easy shirt to wear while running errands around town, a casual evening out with friends, and travel. I can even see someone thinking this shirt is perfect for camping and around the campfire. Like I said, this is a versatile and good looking shirt.

The feature list is rich on the Citypass. My favorite feature is the tall boatneck collar with its five button opening. You can wear the collar tall for full coverage and sun protection (the fabric is UPF 30) or unbuttoned for a casual fold over. The sleeves roll up to just above the elbow and can be held in place with a button keeper. The little tape of material, which is the button keeper, has a small light reflective stripe on it.

I love the pockets on the Citypass shirt. The top has two “lay flat” chest pockets and two streamlined hand pockets. The hand pockets are perfect for a small box of fly fishing flies or lip balm or all the things that you need to keep close.  The length of the shirt is slightly longer (30 inches) than what you might consider a normal or regular length but the fit itself is standard. The back also features fashionable pleat that gives it a slight flare.

The fabric is a blend of 71% polyester, 22% nylon, 7% elastane. The material is nice and easy to care for – fast drying and wrinkle resistant.

The stretch fabric allows you to wear this tailored shirt get active performance.

White. $75

Great for running errands this stylish popover with reflective features pairs nicely with pants, shorts or even a skirt. Roll up sleeves and an adjustable collar make it ultra wearable.


good for backpacking and hiking – good for casual  and travel

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