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Salomon Man’s Board

By January 14, 2014Featured, Snowboards


– Introducing, the Salomon Man’s Board. This board is built for guys who ride, by guys who ride. It’s a powerhouse of all-mountain shredability. No girly stuff here. Salomon’s Cross Profile combines the control and pop of camber underfoot with float of rocker at the tip and tail. Ski Haus employee, Greg Jansen stepped up to the Man’s Board this season. His initial reaction was “Booooyah!” After riding the board for a few weeks on everything from the groomers, to the park, to Steamboat’s famous Champagne pow, he had this to say: “Booooyah!”. If I understood him correctly, he’s basically saying that Salomon nailed it with The Man’s Board. It’s an aggressive all-mountain machine that will keep you smiling lap after lap.

In recent years we’ve seen the snowboard industry start to recognize and effectively address the different needs of male and female riders. The best manufacturers now offer a wide variety of equipment that has been designed precisely for the intended user. These days there are boards, boots, and bindings that have been crafted based on the anatomical differences between men and women. However, that wasn’t always the case.

Women were unfairly overlooked for many years as the bulk of the equipment was labeled “unisex”. Finally realizing that they were missing out on a substantial portion of the growing population of snowboarders, the industry started “marketing” boards to female riders. There was a surge of soft-flexing pink boards, colorful bindings, and boots with faux fur… kind of insulting, really. Fortunately, those days are behind us. Since then, the best snowboard manufacturers have worked with their female team riders to build boards, boots, and bindings that are specifically designed for the anatomy and muscle structure of female riders of all ability types and riding styles. An accomplished female rider no longer has to go to men’s product to get the performance she requires. In fact, she has quite a few options when it comes to top-of-the-line snowboard gear.

Come to think of it, the scales have actually tipped. So much focus has been put on building better women-specific equipment that it’s really the guys who are left wanting. We watch as every year the lady-rippers are offered lighter, faster, and stronger boards while we left on the sidelines with our jealousy. But Salomon has felt our pain…

Here at Ski Haus we are an equal-opportunity supplier of fun, we have all the right gear for the guys and the gals! Need some new gear that’s designed with you in mind? We have that. See you at the ‘Haus!

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