Madshus Epoch -

Madshus Epoch

The last entry on our crosscountry page was about all the different ways a person can crosscountry ski. One of the fastest growing and most popular growth segments for Ski Haus is the midfat to fat, nowax, crosscountry ski.

These skis are wider and more stable than traditional cambered and traditional sized xc skis. The wider boards are designed to be skied shorter so not only are you gaining stability but the design enhances downhill control as well.

One of the most popular skis this season is the Madshus Epoch. This is a go-anywhere ski that tours nicely up and around or down hills and anything in between. The noxwax base provides easy kick and glide with the progressive, positive-set waxless pattern, while the progressive radius sidecut and full-length edges turn effortlessly with the Epoch’s lively flex.

We ski this ski from old road grades and backcountry trails to forested glades and low-angle bowls, the Epoch skis with ease. Two thumbs up from the Ski Haus staff.

Length: 165-195/10cm
Sidecut: 99-68-84mm
Weight: 2530g/185cm
Core: Multicore
Base: Omnitrak® NoWax Base

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