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Madshus Crosscountry Skis

Madshus XC skis

Left to right: Madshus Glittertind, Eon, Epoch, Annum

Madshus Backcountry Touring Skis!

– Madshus Nordic Skis are one of the most popular selling crosscountry skis at Ski Haus. Madshus is the oldest ski company in production today. They have been making skis since 1906. they have been making skis longer than Rossignol and Salomon, and well, everyone! This fact will surprise a lot of skiers since we continually have people tell us they have never heard of Madshus! Well, we’re trying hard to change that…

Ski Haus selMadshus Cross Country Skisls backcountry touring skis from Madshus. We offer the Glittertind MGV (68.62.70), the Eon (83.62.70), the Epoch (99.68.84), and the Annum (109.78.95). These four models cover a wide range of skier preference from touring and mileage to lots of downhill turning.

The Glittertind is the narrowest ski so you will be able to ski this in a longer length. This ski also has the most camber. It is designed for the tour and for covering longer distances faster. The Glittertind is the most “traditional” looking xc skis. It tours and covers distance very nicely! The Glittetinnd uses the progressive Mulit-Grip Vario system for it’s “no-wax” kick pattern. This pattern is very effective and works great.

The Eon starts to bridge the difference between touring and turning. This ski sports a middle of the road profile – not too wide and not too skinny. By adding width to the ski you gain stability and increased downhill control. Someone who already knows how to telemark can make this ski come around nicely and it is still narrow enough to tour very good as well.

The Epoch is perfect for a skier who will make some turns somewhere along the way or sometime during their outing. With a lot more width and sidecut this ski turns easily. It isn’t as wide as the Annum so you will save some weight and increase the turning power of the ski over the Eon.

The Annum is the widest Madshus backcountry ski. The Annum user will really want to make sure they have enough boot to power the ski. If you don’t have enough boot strength this ski will go where it wants to and not where you want to! Matching boot to ski and boot power to ski power is key with the model. We have skiers mounting this ski up with NNN BC bindings, traditional 3-pin bindings, telemark cable bindings, and even Alpine Touring bindings.

The great thing about all these skis is how light they feel. You don’t have to weigh yourself down with heavy plastic boots or intense binding systems that add a ton of weight. The wonderful thing about lightweight xc touring skis is just that – they’re lightweight! You increase the feeling of fluid motion, you can glide between kicks (and not just shuffle), and you can have just as much downhill control as if you were geared up with full on conditions A.T., or Telemark equipment.

Ready to go tour? Ready to go make some turns? Then come on in and set yourself up with some Madshus XC skis!

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