Love Your Bike and It Will Love You Back

By May 3, 2016 May 11th, 2016 Bikes, Featured

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– The Ski Haus Bike Shop is about to take center stage. This weekend we will officially be set up for all things bike in our main building on Pine Grove Road. The skiing and snowboarding Bike repairhas been great this spring, but it’s time to start thinking bikes. With that in mind, there’s no better time to get your 2-wheeled buddy ready for action… A little maintenance goes a long way. Love your bike and it will love you back!
Regardless of the type of bike you ride, be it road or mountain or townie, it will treat you better if you take the time to show it some love as it emerges from winter storage, and after each ride. Our bikes are exposed to some harsh conditions (especially in the spring and fall) on the trail and on the road, and a good cleaning as a part of routine maintenance will help to keep everything running smoothly.
Every bike that comes through the Ski Haus Repair Shop gets a wash and rinse before any repair work is performed to remove excess dirt and grime. This makes it much easier to diagnose any potential problems or maladjustment. A clean bike looks better, performs better, lasts longer, and is just easier to maintain and service. Ski Haus carries a number of products to help you keep your bike clean and functioning at its best.
The Park Tool Bike Cleaning Brushes are part of a must-have set that includes four brushes, each of which have been specially designed for a specific bike-cleaning purpose. We also stock a couple of cool gadgets for chain maintenance like the Cyclone Chain Scrubber from Park Tool and the Trigger from White Lightening.  Add to that a garden hose (keep that pressure low), some Pedro’s Green Fizz Foaming Bike Wash, and a couple microfiber rags and your bike will start to feel the love.
While all of these products are going to make it easier to show your bike how much you care, the one item that anyone who owns a bike should have is a Superstand from Willworx. This simple yet clever stand is great for garage storage, but also takes the hassle out of washing your bike. Never again will you have to find a place to prop your bike up only to have it fall over with the first splash of the hose! Once your bike is clean and dry, lube the chain with some T-9 and you’re ready to get her dirty all over again!

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