All Day Comfort With The Salewa Mountain Trainer Shoes

All Day Comfort With The Salewa Mountain Trainer Shoes

Salewa mountain trainer shoes

The Salewa Mountain Trainer To Do It All From Hiking To Climbing

tread of the salewa mountain trainer

The Salewa Mountain Trainer may be one of the best mountain shoes ever made. It’s not too stiff and it’s not too soft. The Mountain Trainer offers the right amount of foot protection to keep you moving fast up the trail, confident hop scotching from boulder to boulder above treeline, and even allows you the security of some lower class 5 climbing and scrambling.

Once your alpine day is over and town is calling your name the Mountain Trainer remains plenty comfortable to relax at the pub while rehashing the day’s adventures. There’s no need to peel the shoes off your feet once your back down at the trailhead to give you some relief. The Mountain Trainer is all day and all night comfortable.

One of the stand out features of the Mountain Trainer is it’s approach-shoe-styling without the aggressive approach shoe shape. The last could be called a little more “American” and that helps with its all day comfort. To the toe lacing allows you to customize the tension through the laces to accommodate both a wider forefoot or narrower heel or any combination in-between.

On the trail, the Salewa Mountain Trainer has enough muscle in the sole to protect your feet from roots and rocks without being crazy stiff. It is the perfect blend of cushion, protection and flex.

The Vibram Alpine Approach tread offers great traction on both the up and the down. The tread also cleans itself nicely on muddy trails (which we an only hope for during these hot dry summers).

This type of shoe is incredibly popular around Steamboat Springs and northwest Colorado. Our trails here are not overly rough or rocky so the Mountain Trainer allows you to move fast along the trail. Above treeline you can find plenty of scree and boulder fields where the mid-stiff sole kicks in with stability, great traction (even on wet rock). Personally I don’t like it when a shoe folds down over and around rocks when you are stepping on them. The Mountain Trainer offers a nice platform from the sole to step up onto keeping your feet strong and not all beat up.

Two thumbs up from the Ski Haus Staff. Come on in and try on a pair today. We have good inventory and you won’t have to wait for the delivery truck! Buy ’em and use today!

Salewa Mountain Trainer $169.00
360° full rubber rand
1.6mm Suede Leather
Breathable Mesh
Mid Stiff Nylon Insole
Vibram Alpine Approach Outsole

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