Leading Off With The Right Boot. Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX

Leading Off With The Right Boot. Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX

Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX Boots

Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX Boots

A Speed Boot That Works For Going Slow, Too

– When you pick up the Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX Boot for the first time its weight strikes you as practically non-existent. It is beyond light but by no means does that mean the boot is weak.

The Zodiac Plus sports a very stout flexing sole. It reminds you right off the bat of a mid-cut approach shoe and that might be the best comparison for this boot we can think of. Light, stout, fast, stable, waterproof, and versatile… What else might you be looking for in a boot?

Here is the feature list:
GoreTex, for waterproofness. If the weather turns nasty waterproof boots are very nice, indeed. They also allow you to practice the Leave No Trace ethic of keeping our wilderness trails narrow. Don’t sidestep puddles or walk to the side of the trail if runoff water is streaming down the path. Tromp right through it. You’ve got waterproof boots on!

Asymmetric Lace System, allows you to snug up these boots perfectly. Lace up your feet into the perfect snug fit to eliminate any sliding inside the boot.

Three Density Midsole, minimizes boot weight and strengthens the sole for ankle protection and stepping on rock (you won’t feel the sole rounding out around the rock and your feet won’t feel berat up at the end of the day).

Rubber Randing, to protect your toes against stubbing them on roots and rocks and it you do you won’t come home with mashed toe nails. This is a very good thing.

Sock Fit Construction, eliminates a lot of extra material around the tongue of the boot. The gusset underneath the laces is minimal, saves weight, and reduces bulk.

The Zodiac Plus is designed for via ferrata routes in Europe (and the one down in Telluride, Colorado). It is designed for lots of scrambling on rock, climbing ladders, and working your way along steep rock.

While we don’t have that specific kind of route in Steamboat Springs you may travel to such a place and do such a route someday. Closer to home we love how this boot hikes nice, light and fast. It is a great 14er boot. It also offers great traction on scree and talus fields, keeps our feet comfortable during the monsoons, and yes, they look great, too.

$250.00 and worth every step you take.

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