Layering for Just Right! Secrets of not too hot and not too cool.

Jan 30, 2021 | Alpine and Telemark, Cross Country Skiing, Featured Products, Nordic

downhill skier

Layering up for a winter day can be a challenge. I like suggesting “dress for your intensity first and the weather second.” Avoiding too hot or too cool is the goal.

The best example I can give is two different skiers on the same winter day in similar conditions. Both are facing challenging winter conditions but their layering choices are polar opposites.

One is an alpine skier riding the chairlifts inbounds at a ski resort. The other is a Nordic skate skier charging hard at a touring center.

Alpine Layering

The alpine skier has layered up with thicker next to skin and insulating layers and topping it all off with a waterproof/windproof hardshell jacket and pants.

skate skiing in tough winter conditions

Nordic Intensity

The Nordic skate skier has chosen a single base layer top and bottom with a water resistant/breathable lightweight jacket and pant.

Their intensity to their ski day is quite different despite the same winter conditions. Skiing inbounds the chances of a long cold chairlift ride to the top increases that skiers chance getting cold.

The Nordic skier wants to avoid overheating all costs.

Layering options abound… choose layers for the intensity you bring to the day and the weather second.

Staff Choices/Example

Here are two of our staff members and their layering choices for a harsh winter day:

Julia – Alpine Skiing, Tough Winter Day with Wind!
Next to skin – Patagonia Thermal Weight Boot Cut bottoms and Thermal Weight Top, Darn Tough Socks, Hestra gloves.
Insulating Layers – ArcTeryx Axian Puffy knickers, ArcTeryx base layer, Patagonia Primaloft Vest, Mountain Hardwear Ghee Hoody, ArcTeryx Atom AR Hoody.
(These are options and not necessarily worn all together).
–  ArcTeryx or Black Diamond GoreTex shell bibs and jacket.
And the Burton Cora Hood for over the helmet for pure winter luxury!
The secret here is stay warm on long chairlift rides back to the top. Thermal layering and windproof are keys to a successful day,

Murray – Nordic Skiing, Tough Winter Day with Wind!
Next to Skin – Craft Active Extreme X Crew or Bjorn Daehlien Endurance Tech LS. Swix or Bjorn Daehlie Knit hat and gloves.
Insulating Layer – Craft Fuseknit Zip T, Lightweight Buff around the neck
Outerwear – Bjorn Daehlie Winner Pants and Bjorn Daehlie Trace Jacket.
The secret here is using layers that wick sweat off your skin fast. The breathable insulating layer and outerwear allow that moisture to escape easily. Stay dry – stay comfortable!

There you go. Two different skiers, two different sports, and one crazy winter day!