La Sportiva Jackal For Trail Running and Light Hiking

May 15, 2021 | Featured Products, Hiking and Camping Gear, Mens Footwear, Womens Footwear

the la sportiva jackel trail running shoe is perfect

The La Sportiva Jackal is perfect for trail running and can be used as your light hiking shoe, as well. The Jackal does both equally well. This shoe is a winner on both fronts.

The upper of the La Sportiva Jackal shoe is cool and breathable

First off, as a trail running shoe the Jackal fits great. From the top down – flat shoe laces will keep your shoes tied and the laces under control. There is an optional lace eyelet that will help secure your heel and increase foot security inside the shoe.

The tongue is gusseted on both sides to help keep trail debris from entering the shoe as well as securing your feet with a nice wrapping snug feel.

Inside the La Sportiva Jackal

Inside the shoe and under the foot, as with a vast majority of footwear manufacturers, the insole isn’t a highlight. It won’t offer a ton of arch support or help define the heel pocket. Knowing this, many users will insert an aftermarket insole to suit their support and fit needs.

The upper is very breathable to help keep you cool as your working hard to keep your pace. Leave the hot feet for sitting around the campfire – not while you’re running.

Sole and Tread

The La Sportiva Jackal tread is aggressive

The La Sportiva sole and tread excels. I like to twist a shoe by grabbing the forefoot and heel of the shoe. I twist it like a dishcloth to feel the torsional strength of the shoe. The stronger the torsional resistance the more ankle protection the shoe offers. The Jackal feels just right.

The fit of the Jackal is a bit wider than what you might expect from La Sportiva. And the toe box height is taller. This allows for more fits from a variety of foot shapes. And many runners and hikers appreciate the room so their feet can splay open as you roll from heel to toe. Do expect to size up at least a half size from your traditional Euro size.

The tread is an aggressive pattern with deep sharp lugs. The rubber is a dual density design. The red color perimeter tread is a harder compound for durability. The black inside tread is softer for increased traction on wet surfaces.

The Jackal is a long distance trail runner. 50 to 100 mile runs are common for this shoe. And this milage speaks to the durability and longevity you can expect from this shoe.

The Jackal as Light Hiker

Lots of folks like to hike in trail running shoes. They’re light, comfortable, and offer excellent traction. The Jackal can easily be your every day hiker.

La Sportiva Jackal $140.00 (womens and mens)