La Sportiva Finale: A Climbing Shoe for Entry to Moderate Level Climbers

La Sportiva Finale: A Climbing Shoe for Entry to Moderate Level Climbers

La Sportiva Finale Gear Review

Let’s take a minute and talk about climbing shoes, shall we?  Finding the right shoe is important.  If you’re a seasoned climber, you understand the difficulties of this task.  Normal shoe sizes go out the window.  We’ll order 4 pairs in different sizes, just to send back the three that didn’t work.  After a few weeks testing out the La Sportiva Finale, I believe I’ve found the perfect climbing shoe for entry to moderate level climbers.

La Sportiva Finale Specs


The Finale is a neutral climbing shoe.  It has a tensioned heel rand and Powehinge for high-end performance.  Powerhinge allows the shoe to only stretch in the back half of the shoe when it’s weighted, while at the same time leaving the toes in place on the surface of the rock.  It has unlined leather, which provides a soft and comfortable fit.  Last but not least, it has a 5mm XS Edge sticky rubber outsole.  This provides excellent grip and durability that can be resoled when the time comes.

My Experience with the La Sportiva Finale


I picked up these bad boys from Ski Haus a few weeks ago when they hit our shelves.  I’ve been searching for a good, durable climbing shoe that can get me through the day.  One that doesn’t require me to carry a couple pairs of shoes in my pack every time I go climbing.  I will say that they aren’t my La Sportiva TC Pros, but they are my best all around shoe that I have at the moment.  My TC Pros are so comfortable that I’ve almost left a climb forgetting to take them off.  I’ll use those on my longer multi-pitch days, but my Finales have proven to be a shoe I can take from the climbing gym straight to the crag.

I used to use some older Evolvs as my all around shoe, but once I made the transition to the LS Finales they certainly out performed.  The Finales have a slightly narrower toe box and sharper point at the tip.  I found this a lot more helpful on the foot work and edging on tiny foot holds.  They even do impressively well on moves from toe camming to smears.  I definitely don’t feel the need to carry multiple shoes with me anymore.

Sizing Tips


If you’re a climber, you know the drill.  When trying on new climbing shoes for the first time, they are going to be uncomfortable.  I wouldn’t even waste your time trying on a climbing shoe that is the same size as your everyday town shoe.  Everyone is different and has their own methods, but I typically like to start trying them on at one whole size down and go from there.  After trying on three different sizes, I found that two full sizes down worked for me.  I wear a 45.5 in La Sportiva’s trail running shoes, but I wear a 43.5 in their climbing shoes.  The leather did stretch out a bit to my comfort after a few sessions with them, so be sure to factor that it.  You can also check out this informational video on how to choose the right rock climbing shoe.

Send it


As I mentioned earlier, these puppies are on the shelves here at Ski Haus and ready to hit the crags!  Come on by and have a chat with our knowledgeable sales staff and get fitted into your La Sportiva Finales for a price that doesn’t break the bank at $109.00.  As always, be smart, stay safe and get out there and crush it!

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