Women's Kuhl Splash Shorts for Summer Fun

Women’s Kuhl Splash Shorts for Summer Fun

Splash Short by Kuhl

Simplify Your Summer Wardrobe with Kuhl Splash Shorts

Pocket Detail on a Kuhl Splash Short

Every winter morning you’ll find me in the same scenario: staring at my closet mentally calculating a complex layering system that will get me through the day.  Will the wool layer be better suited under the soft shell? Or maybe it would be best to skip the soft shell and throw on a flannel and a vest? But wait. I have that down puff that would work with the midweight crewneck… By the end of the season I can’t take any more. I start heeding the call of the summer wardrobe.

A solid summer wardrobe should be able to handle an Emerald hike and Happy Hour just as effectively. This is Steamboat, after all. Enter the women’s Kuhl Splash Short. An 11” inseam and the KühlKURVE fit means no fidgeting required to ensure coverage and comfort. Six pockets mean you can comfortably stash your cash, knife, chapstick, and a map, while the contrasting topstitch detail makes for a bit more interest than your standard tech shorts. I have yet to wear these and not field at least one inquiry about where I got them.

But there is more to this workhorse than aesthetics and comfort. Coming in at 50 UPF the Splash Short ensures that you’ll avoid a nasty high-altitude sunburn while wandering the trails. The blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex means a lighter weight, quicker drying short without the rough hand of a 100% synthetic garment.  Would I wear these on a multi-day backpacking trip? No. However for most any other activities that you may encounter on a standard day in the ‘Boat these shorts are your go-to.

If, like me, you are the type of woman who wants to open the closet door and grab the first thing you see knowing it’s going to get you comfortably through all the activities in your day, fit like a glove, AND check the box for “mountain style”, come check out the Kuhl Splash Short. Save the 40 minute morning routine for ski season.

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