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By March 1, 2012Gear, Snowboards

KarakoramSplit30BindingKarakoram is arriving at the ‘Haus!

We are always on the lookout for the latest products that promise to improve your backcountry experience, and the boys at Karakoram have our attention. They have developed a new Splitboard-specific snowboard binding and very innovative interface system that offers the rider a faster switch from ride-mode to tour-mode and back.

Karakoram designed their system with the firm belief that a splitboard should ride like a solid snowboard and should tour like the best A/T setup… no compromises. The Split30 binding adheres to this belief and will be available to check out at Ski Haus soon.

These super- light bindings aggressively join your splitboard together while allowing the board to flex naturally underfoot giving you unmatched riding performance and board feel. With just a flip of a lever, the binding separates from the ride-mode interface and steps into the touring interface… and the switch back is just as easy. This is by far the cleanest and most innovative splitboard mechanism I’ve seen yet.

We were too excited about the Karakoram bindings to wait for next season, so we will have a very limited number of bindings in stock for some Spring riding! Stop by the ‘Haus soon and see why everyone is talking Karakoram!

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