K2 UFO w/ Boa Lacing System -

K2 UFO w/ Boa Lacing System

By November 5, 2012Featured, Snowboards

K2 UFO BootsBoa is Better!

– I have always favored traditional laces on my snowboard boots… I’m just a creature of habit I guess. However, the “traditional” lacing system is quickly becoming an endangered species. Every year we see an expanded offering of alternative lacing systems especially in the high-end offerings from many snowboard companies. Last season, I decided that embracing the change was the best way to deal with it, and got myself a pair of K2 UFO boots with the Boa lacing system. To put it simply, my perspective has changed! The Double Boa on the UFO is simple in design, and effective in function. It remains consistent throughout the day, adjusts on the fly, provides superior fit, and let’s face it… it’s just easier!

Boa is offered in a multitude of boots from a variety of manufacturers. So it’s important to remember that not all Boa-equipped boots are created equal. Ultimately, it comes down to the company designing the boot and how they apply the Boa system. K2 has it figured out.

The K2 UFO Boot starts with Endo construction, a complete re-thinking of how a boot is constructed and flexes. This design is based on a urethane endoskeletal structure that focuses the flex into a single part as opposed to stressing synthetic leather and stitch lines to create flex. Endo construction also results in a boot that flexes much more consistently throughout its life, rather than breaking down and becoming dramatically softer.  The Intuition Pro Foam 3D liner provides a comfortable custom fit thanks to the heat-moldable precision that only Intuition can provide. K2’s proprietary Harshmellow is formulated for long-lasting impact absorption and vibration dampening. This unique material is integrated into the heel and forefoot, thus minimizing rebound and allowing for softer and more controlled landings. Bringing all this tech together is K2’s Double Boa, which consists of a Boa outer lace as well as the Boa Conda closure for the liner.

These boots not only changed my mind about alternative lacing systems, but significantly improved my season on snow. Stop by the ‘Haus, slip into a pair, and become a believer!

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