Just A Few Of Our Favorite Things For Nordic Skiers

Nov 14, 2020 | Cross Country Skiing, Featured Products, Nordic

When The Nordic Bug Hits One Of Everything Is Just About Right…

Here are just a few of our favorite things for Nordic skiers we are really excited about for this winter. From skate skiing to classic to backcountry here are some highlights that will make your winter special. As we move through winter we’ll post more detailed descriptions of each and also highlight more Cross Country ski and clothing options for you. Enjoy and have a wonderful winter cross country skiing!


Salomon SLab Carbon Skate Ski

Let’s be clear… there are many great skiing skate skis out there. But how many of them have blown you away the very first time you skied them? The Salomon SLab Carbon Skate ski did that for me. It is so incredibly light weight. There is essentially zero swing weight and the responsiveness is a blast!

Often I hear folks say they “don’t race” but that shouldn’t imply they can’t appreciate performance! How a ski feels under foot and on snow is key to your enjoyment of skate skiing. Simply said, the Salomon SLab Carbon Skate Ski increases enjoyment.



Salomon S/Race Skate Boot

Another game changer from Salomon! This boot features a removable custom moldable liner. No other skate boot available offers this feature (except the top-of-the-line SLab Carbon skate boot from Salomon). The liner is completely moldable to ensure a perfect snug fit. Plus, after a solid effort skate session pull the liner out for easy drying. Lightweight. Easy and intuitive edging to the ski. Great energy transmission and did I mention perfect fit?

By the way, this boot is available in a SNS Pilot sole for fans of the Pilot system. The boot in the photo has the Salomon Prolink sole which is compatible with Turnamic and Xcelerator binding systems.



Fischer Twin Skin Pro Classic Ski

We have felt for a long time that Nordic skiers should embrace all facets of XC skiing. Become complete Nordic skiers by skate skiing, backcountry skiing, light touring… and Classic Skiing!

Fischer’s Twin Skin Pro classic ski lets you hit perfect kick time after time and the Twin Skin maximizes glide. The Efficient Forward ski design lets you relax more in the classic track without punishing you for less than perfect technique. The dual strips of skins underfoot make setting your kick in huge range of snow conditions easy and fun. What’s your excuse now?



Fischer Excursion 88 Backcountry Ski

Here is the perfect hill-n-dale-let’s-go-exploring ski! Not too wide and not too narrow. Easy touring and breaking trail with the Nordic Rocker Camber (the tip rises as the camber of the ski is compressed), and perhaps the best No-Kick Wax Crown pattern available. Fischer’s Crown kick pattern reduces glide friction better than most and still offers a secure kick.



Alpina Alaska NNN or 75mm Boot

The Alpina Alaska is one of the most comfortable and supportive backcountry boots we’ve ever skied. Available in both NNN BC and 75mm three pin soles the Alaska can tour and turn with ease. Initially, if you look at this boot for your very first time you might think too beefy and too much. The boot doesn’t ski that way on your feet and skis. Easy touring, not too heavy, easy flex, and great support are all features we can all use. These boots are leather and do require a break in period but with each ski day they feel better and better and better!



Fischer Variolite Adjustable XC Pole

What’s exciting about a pole? Well for touring here is a pole that adjusts long enough for tall skiers, too. Cork touring grip keeps your hands warmer. Nice size powder basket keeps the pole from sinking too deep. And the the adjustability lets you tour and turn at the perfect length for both!



Rossignol OT 65 Ski

Here is a ski that if you’re looking to ski at a touring center and the backcountry you can – within reason. Pair this ski with the Rossignol X5 OT boot and you’re in business. This ski features an almost tip to tail metal edge, a Positrack grip pattern, and it is not too wide and not too skinny. Super easy kick and it is easy to find your balance on this ski.

This set up won’t feel too clunky at the touring center. And if you ski an existing trail in the backcountry you will do just fine. If you want to break a fresh trail in the backcountry you will have to work a bit harder but it is possible. There’s something to be said about versatility, however, you should be aware of the pros and cons.



Rossignol OT  X5 Boots

The perfect blend of being lightweight and supportive. Ski this boot at a touring center or on an established backcountry trail. The external ankle cuff provides an added layer of support for mixed BC conditions. The nice round flex at the ball of the foot feels great at the touring center. One boot for several applications. Pair this boot with the Rossignol OT 65 ski.



Swix Quantum Poles Skate/Classic

Typically it is hard to convince Nordic skiers of the benefits of reduced swing weight until they feel it for themselves while skiing. I’ll try to save you the time… Swix Quantum poles feel and ski great. Efficient power transfer. Easy swing weight. No loose connection between strap and grip with the Triac system. The Quantum 5 and 4 poles are very good, as well. If you are really looking to step up your game go for the Quantum 3, 2, or 1 models.