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Jones Solution

By February 16, 2012Snowboards

Okay, so you’ve come to the conclusion that snowshoes are an antiquated method of reaching your favorite lines, and you know a splitboard is the obvious answer to the question of efficient backcountry access. Now you’re wishing that there was a board designed with the varying and unpredictable conditions of the backcountry in mind… Ski Haus has the solution… the Jones Solution!

The Jones Solution Splitboard is the stick backcountry legend Jeremy Jones uses to conquer previously un-ridden zones and surf through the deepest pow known to man. It’s also the board that Ski Haus employee Kyle Babcock uses to shred the best stashes in and around Steamboat.

The Solution is constructed using top-shelf, eco-friendly materials like an FSC wood core, recycled P-Tex base, and Film topsheet. It achieves its versatility through a directional hybrid-rocker shape with an exaggerated rocker in the nose and low camber between your feet. A wide blunted nose reduces drag and increases float while the Solution’s modified Magne-Traction adds five contact points- mellower at the tip and tail to allow feathering turns, and more pronounced between the feet for powerful grip on ice.

Whatever your backcountry needs we’ve got your Solution at the ‘Haus!

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