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Jones Carbon Solution

By February 24, 2014Featured, Snowboards


– The Jones Carbon Solution is the ultimate splitboard. There, I said it. Everything you read from this point on will simply be me reiterating that point… and hopefully backing it up! In my humble opinion, Jones is currently making the best splitboards on the market. They have a different perspective on snowboard design and construction than most making them uniquely qualified when it comes to splitboard innovation. Jones is a Carbon Solution with bindingsbackcountry-focused company, and the Carbon Solution is their masterpiece. Based on the best-selling splitboard in the world, the Carbon Solution adds two layers of bi-directional carbon fiber and carbon stringers to the construction of the time-tested shape and bend profile of the original Solution. The Result? Easily the most aggressive and responsive splitboard available today.

As with most things in the high-performance category, the Carbon Solution is not ideally suited for every rider. In the same way you wouldn’t put new driver with a learner’s permit behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Italia, the Jones Carbon Solution might prove to be a bit much for a new snowboarder. However, beneath the feet of an experienced freerider, this board will absolutely crush lines! It will bury the speed limit as confidently as it surfs the deepest pow on the planet. Varying conditions are not a concern as the Carbon Solution is uniquely versatile, making it the weapon of choice for any backcountry mission.

These Carbon Series boards are highly sought-after and only available in limited numbers, but you know you’ll find it at the ‘Haus! Get yours before they’re gone!

Jones Carbon Solution Splitboard ($1199.00) shown here with Karakoram Straightline bindings ($749.00).

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