Jetboil Sumo Cook System -

Jetboil Sumo Cook System

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Jetboil Sumo Cook System

Jetboil Sumo Cook System – NEW
The first time we saw the Sumo we thought “now this is a mug!” The all new Sumo features the Sol burner (which offers for a very consistent burn and is very effective all the way down to around 20 degrees) and a very oversized kettle.

The kettle is a whopping 1.8 liters which makes a very big single serving or a quick and easy two person cook system.

The Jetboil system is super efficient when it comes to boiling water. The Sumo will bring a liter of water to a boil in just over 4 minutes (average boil time over the life of a fuel canister). The boil time is great. The thing that seems to get overlooked on a Jetboil stove is the awesome simmer. Most people tend to think of Jetboil as a cooksystem that just boils water but that is not the case. With the addition of the pot holder, larger pots and fry pans are available to you, and with the very effective simmer you can cook up and not burn very elegant (fresh food, less dehydrated food) meals in camp.

The efficiency is due in part to the flux ring on the bottom of all the kettles, pots, and fry pans. The flux rings concentrates the heat under the pots and pans where you want it (you don’t want heat escaping out from under your cookwear).

If you are looking for quick and easy system to get up and cooking – Jetboil is worth a look.

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