In Need of Winter Footwear? Ski Haus Has You Covered

In Need of Winter Footwear? Ski Haus Has You Covered

By November 15, 2019January 25th, 2020Featured, Footwear, Men's Footwear, Women's Footwear
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Our Winter Line Is In!

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Winter is almost here folks.  Although we’ve already had a little winter spell over the last few weeks, there are still quite a few of us procrastinating on getting everything we need to take on the season.  Our feet are one thing we always want to take care of, especially here in these Steamboat conditions.  So if you’re in need of winter footwear, Ski Haus has you covered!

What Winter Footwear Options Are There at Ski Haus?


Whether you’re looking for a low top or high top, technical boot or hiking shoe, work boot or casual boot, we’ve got a number of brands that cover a wide range of what you may be looking for.  We carry brands such as Sorel, Keen, Blundstone, Bogs, Solamon, Hoka, Altra, The North Face, Foresake, Bos & Co, Cougar, Taos, and that is only scratching the surface.  

Why Do I Need Winter Footwear?


There are three things you’ll want in your winter footwear — Insulation, Waterproofness, and Traction.  Let’s be honest, no one likes cold feet.  We want to keep feet warm in cold conditions.  We all enjoy comfort and that’s exactly what a proper winter boot is going to offer you.  There are different factors to consider when choosing the best winter footwear, from how much you typically walk, to which are the warmest and offer protection while still being suitable for work.  You’ll also want to consider the grip and traction that you may require from the soles of your winter footwear.  Keep in mind that if you’re just looking for everyday winter boots, there are other ways to add extra traction when the time calls for it, such as microspikes.

Another thing you’ll want to remember when coming in to try on boots are to wear, or at least bring a thick pair of socks that you would normally wear with them.  We typically have a basket of loaner socks for you to use while trying on our boots at Ski Haus, but it is always nice to have your specific socks that you like to wear when getting fitted.  That way you know exactly what works for you. 

Send it!


Now that the resort has already opened, it’s technically winter!  So come on by Ski Haus and let our friendly sales staff help you find exactly what you need.  Keep in mind that season rentals are dwindling as the last day is December 1.  We also have a few sales coming up around the corner so keep your ears open for those dates!  We look forward to seeing you! Enjoy the slopes!

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